3D Stylized Environment Breakdown – Pushing Low Poly to its Limits

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In this breakdown, Mark Henriksen, shows us how he approached creating his scene for the Hum 3D Space Rover Challenge.

Mark covers a ton of amazing details and tips in this video, and also explains where and how he could improve this render as well.

“For this challenge I wanted to to do something blocky, stylized and colorful. My aim was to take the low poly 3d look and push it further. I tried to take the low poly modelling style and push it. Keeping hard edges. Lots of bevelling and modelling. No textures aside from some color ramps. Everything else is just simple materials with flat/constant inputs (albedo,spec,emission). Didn’t quite turn out how I liked but pretty happy with the result. Wanted to do a lot more smaller details. Had to rescope. Would like to come back to this at some point and make a little animation. – Rover SP-E 09 is an exploratory unit has stumbled upon a unknown material in the shape of a monolith. After relaying the contact with head command they have been tasked with securing the area and to set up monitoring equipment. Once preliminary tests are complete and the material is deemed safe enough to transport they will take a sample back to home base. Check out more of Mark’s work on Artstation.

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