Best Video Game Art of the Week #2

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Riot Games

Warriors | 2020 Cinematic

Riot never fails to impress with their season cinematics. With their powerful storytelling, high production value and incredible artwork, they constantly show that they are still on the top of their game.


Yavor Pigulev

I have a certain soft spot for stylized neon and outrun aesthetics, In this grungy back alley of japan, Yavor exposes the japans seedy underbelly.

Antone Magdy

Pyroow Overwatch

Bernhard van der Horst

Procol Mea

Bernhard’s mech makes us realize that resistance, truly is futile. I for one, welcome our new robot overlords.


Li Yuan


Week 2 complete of the hand painted prop  CGMA course I am taking and the subject was 2.5d trees.  When this is all done I want to create trees/outdoor stuff more.  Def something I can get more efficient at.  



Its a bird, its a plane, its a…. Tiny plane? 

Cubit Studios shows us what a real world sci-fi remake of bugs life might look like.

Eugene Petrov


FPS Hands

Decided to replace my old FPS hands mesh with this fresh version with new textures, mesh and with proper rig for easier presentation.

Alex Iveroth 


Here’s a new update! More in depth breakdown coming later this week.

Steffen Hampel 

& Phillip Sieben


A personal project I worked on together with Philipp Sieben.

I was responsible for the environment modeling, texturing, lookdev (especially the moss) & particle simulation.

Valerio – Korax – Carbone

Fire Demon

And here we are, the final step of this new challenge,

This time on Cubebrush for the ArtWar4.

Heavily inspired by the world of DarkSiders and Blizzard, the intention behind this piece is to do something brutal and sharp, with the style I love most, and make it look like burn from within, with this in mind I did all the steps and created the final piece.

Beffio Studio 

The Hunt-Vehicle

Did I mention I like Outrun asthetics? Beffio Studio taps into their inner blade runner and produces an incredible real-time render of their Hunter Vehicle. The raindrops are actually part of the shader they developed as well, color me impressed.

Alex Senechal


You know that model you’re working on where you just keep adding more and more detail? Well Alex took that about 15 steps further and ended up with this incredible level of detail. I’d highly recommend checking out the full post on his artstation.

Meesh chen

Gaze (Low Poly)

If I told you this was a 3D model, would you believe me? Based off of the incredible concept art of Yuka Soemy, Meesh breathes life into the original artwork with this stunning model.

Souriant Sus

Orcish Forge Game Art

Best game art of the week wouldn’t be complete without more WoW fan art! Souriant recreated an Orcish forge for whatever nefarious deeds they have planned in the future.

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