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Best Video Game Art of the Week #4

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Welcome back to best game art of the week, where I showcase some of the best Game Art Styles, VFX, characters, environment art, tools and other game art from the community!

Sacrifice 3D (Real-time), Frédéric Arsenault

Based on Lin Chans awesome design, Frederic Arsenault Brings life to a heavily stylized character, perfectly balancing dark and twisted themes with a light, stylized twist. 

Frederic also has a fantastic breakdown article where he discusses the philosophy of creating stylized characters. Check out the article in the button below.

Lazuli Dream - 2.5D Tree, Norma Martínez

I’ve seen a ton of 2.5d trees this week because of this months CGMA class, and Norma’s beautiful color palette has made her hand painted asset stand out well above the rest.

Elric, the Worthy King, André Kent

Andre further deepens for my love for stylized characters. 

I asked him how he utilized Substance Painter in his workflow, and he says he used the SoMuchDiffuse addon to create the base materials and skin.

Toxic Waterfall, Ira Efremova

I absolutely love realtime VFX, so Ira’s Toxic Waterfall really caught my eye this week. Ira has a ton of really cool VFX on her Artstation, so I recommend checking out the rest of her work.

Kungfu is Dead - Tiger style Violence, Malcolm Wopé

I’ve been debating including this animation, because it’s technically not game art. But it’s so cool I can’t help but keep it in here. Malcolm teleports behind you in this stylish and slick animation.

Houdini Level Builder Tutorial, Simon Verstraete

Simon Says:

“New Tutorials in collaboration with SideFX!

Learn how to create a procedural Level Builder that uses a single curve to create the walls, ceiling and floor along with doors and props. This lesson brings together Sci Fi panels, crates and tanks into a single tool that makes it easy to generate a complete level inside Unity. Follow along to learn all the steps needed to build this tool then use the Houdini Engine for Unity plug-in to bring the resulting digital asset into the game editor for direct manipulation and assignment of prefabs and materials.”

If anyone is interested in checking out the tutorial, I’ll leave a link in the button below.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Kashyyyk Cinematic Intro, Ethan Ayer

There has been a massive Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order art dump this week, so here is Ethan Ayer’s contribution to the world of Star Wars. 


Ethan Says: “On Jedi: Fallen Order I worked on the whole cinematic intro for the planet Kashyyyk. I worked on these sequences from 3D layout to final. I created vista assets, cloud cards and all of the skydomes. Flowmaps and scripted cloud animations were used for flight sequences. The Origin Tree matte painting and some additional matte paint support was done by Senior Concept Artist Gabriel Yeganyan. Environment Artist Lucas Sparks set dressed the Kashyyyk hut in the foreground.”

Dmitry Bogatov, Black Hole Explosion

Inspired by the league of legends “Dark Cosmic” skins Dmitry creates this amazing Black Hole stylized VFX.

Hidden Temple/Trim Sheet Scene in UE4, Tyler Smith

Tyler has an awesome Artstation learning course on creating a trim sheet texture, and this week, he’s created this beautiful scene to demonstrate the effectiveness and usefulness of trimsheets. I’ll leave a link below for the course if you want to check it out yourself.

King Arthur Animations Set 6-8, Hue Teo

Hue shows off his student, Brandon Johnsons quick and beautiful animation of the legendary sword in the stone, Excalibur travelling through time with several great looking scenes.

The Last Message, Denner Roberto

Denner created a super detailed robot and hoverbike this week. The video animation doesn’t do the level of detail justice, so I highly suggest checking out the full Artstation post to see all of the details. 

Divination chest, Anastasiya Bubnova

Anastasia steps out of her comfort zone to create a cute little 3D Divination chest, complete with energy crystals and mysterious tomes!

Flooded Hangar, Andrii Stadnyk

Andreii’s flooded hangar scene is a great example of how smart composition can do wonders for your render. 

Being the wonderful person that he is, Andreii has provided the Blender and PSD files for free.

Deep Space Vessel- Shuttle Deployment, Fausto De Martini

Fausto says:


Project EDGE 2- DSV Shuttle Deployment – Since I have not post anything for Edge in a while, I decided to do a quick teaser while I finish writing the Illustrated story. The video shows how the Deep Space Vessel detaches and deploys the front Shuttle. Make sure to watch with sound and I hope you all like it!”

Diablo's Souls, Nin-Ja Company Co., Ltd

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if a group of people decided to combine the aesthetics of Diablo and Dark Souls? Well the Nin-Ja company dropped a great interpretation of the mix of the two legendary games by creating a bleak and gothic graveyard, Complete with the checkpoint campfire.

Self-Portrait, Ian Spriggs

I typically avoid posting hyper-realistic art, but Ian Spriggs just recently published one of the most stunning self-portraits I have ever seen in my life, and I felt compelled to include it. There is a ton of cool stuff to check out in the artstation post, so be sure to check out his post.

Skull Kid, Demetrio Souza

Demetrio hits us with a wave of nostalgia with his beautiful take on Skull Kid. Great use of colors and character posing.

Faye Meadows, Cortex Hand

Faye says:

This is a hand model I have created and rigged for the game Cortex, a VR arcade game I am creating in a team for my final project at university. I wanted a scifi feel and a device to have the HUD integrated in a natural feeling way. This is the left hand for our character and will feature on-screen throughout gameplay.

Ancient Seed (Unreal Engine 4), Sungwoo Lee

Deep in the recesses of this high-tech facility, resides an ancient artifact predating humankind itself. No one knows where it came from, or what it’s purpose is, but one thing we do know, is that Sungwoo lee knows how to create a kickass scene un UE4.

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