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Creating 3D Weapons with Handpainted Textures for Beginners

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There really aren’t that many tutorials out there about creating 3d weapons with handpainted textures.

Fortunately, Stylized Station has your back with this in-depth and detailed tutorial by Troy Firme.

In this tutorial, Troy is going to show you exactly how to approach creating handpainted textures, and your mindset when working on an asset.

From concepting to presentation, this tutorial has IT ALL.

Troy give us a ton of great advice about texturing different materials, as well as a bunch of great tips for using 3D Coat as well.

Overall, you’re going to walk away with a ton of confidence to texture your next asset.

Software used: -Maya -3D Coat

Be sure to check out more of

Troy’s work on Artstation.

Original Concept by Ben Rosado.