Creating your own Stylized 3D Environments for Beginners in UE4

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In this tutorial/breakdown, the wonderfully talented Melissa Miller stops by Stylized Station to share some of her work, and to share her full workflow that she uses when it comes to making stylized environments in Unreal Engine 4, and a ton of cool tips and tricks that beginners should know when attempting to create their own environments.

This tutorial will cover a ton of cool stuff, such as sculpting, texturing and foliage creation.

This is a very in-depth tutorial, and will contain lots of software, but the important thing is that you take the general ideas and concepts, and add them to your own knowledge within your own software.

Software used: Zbrush, Substance Painter & Designer, Maya, Photoshop & Unreal Engine 4!

If you want to check out more of Melissa’s work, be sure to check her work out on Artstation.

Link to the scene from the tutorial.

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