How to Create Your Own Real Time Sci-Fi Environment in UE4

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Have you ever wondered how environment artists create beautiful and fleshed out scenes?

What are the steps to get from start to finish? Where does all the detail come from, and how do you get everything into Unreal Engine and build your scene?

In this tutorial, Thomas Herrera stops by Stylized Station to walk us through the steps you need to take to create your own sci-fi environment, and his mindset and challenges faced when creating his environment ‘FareWell’.

This tutorial consists of 3 parts, the first part will cover everything you need to be doing before you even start your scene. References, storytelling aspects, and composition, a crucial stage.

In part 2, Thomas shows us how he creates a mesh in Blender, and all the steps you need to do to create them.

Finally in Part 3, we get into Unreal Engine 4, and break down how to set up your scene, and create some super cool materials.

Make sure to check out the rest of Thomas’ work on his Artstation & Linkedin.

Artstation :

LinkedIn :…


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