Learning The Basics of 3D Handpainted Textures

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Have you ever tried creating handpainted textures using Substance Painter and 3D Coat?

Did you know there is a very simple and easy way to do 90% of the work first in Substance Painter without picking up a brush?

Well in this tutorial, you’re going to learn EXACTLY how to do that.

In this breakdown/tutorial, Oleaf will take us through two extremely crucial steps: preparing the models base coat in Substance Painter using creative techniques, and then taking the model into 3D Coat to paint in all of the details.

This is a really solid handpainted workflow, and I highly recommend everyone give it a shot, regardless of what software they use.

This tutorial is mainly done in paid software, but there is nothing stopping you from trying something like this in Blender or another free software, the important thing is that you take the main concepts Oleaf demonstrates and learn how to apply it in a way that works for you.

Oleaf has a fantastic portfolio with a ton of other really great handpainted assets, so I highly recommend you check out her Artstation profile.

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