Modeling a Stylized 3D Sword Tutorial

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Ever wonder how the pros approach modeling their stylized 3d swords?

Well in this tutorial, you’re going to learn the entire workflow from start to finish, from modeling blockout, to unwrapping, to sculpting and texturing, this timelapse commentary is packed full of incredibly useful information any artist can use.

Anton has also provided all of the files (Including the finished .SP file) in the 3D Coloring Book.

Grab all of the files for free here

Make sure to check out Anton and the rest of his work on Artstation

I’d definitely recommend checking out the .sp file, there is a ton of really cool stuff, and you can see exactly how Anton managed to texture such a great asset 🙂

Anton Rabarskyi stops by Stylized Station to give us an exclusive tutorial showing us how to create stylized weaponry using Modo, ZBrush and Substance Painter.

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