Realtime Unity VFX Tutorial: The 3 Core Elements You NEED To Know

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While there are a ton of VFX tutorials out there, not many break down the actual steps and concepts involved in the creation process of creating a great effect from start to finish.

Not only that, but the core principles are often never explained.

How do we create realtime VFX with feeling? Emotion? Weight?

In this breakdown/tutorial, Nicolas demonstrates how he implements the core concepts of VFX to recreate the Witcher’s Igni Sign effect, a very popular spell from the game.

Not only will Nicolas breakdown his concepting phase, he’ll also share the technical stages as well, sharing exactly how he created his effect, and the steps you need to take in the future when creating your own realtime VFX.

Nicolas is a wonderful VFX artist, so I’d recommend checking out more of his work on his Artstation.

“Artistic Principles of VFX ” videos series by Jason Keyser.

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