Stylized Character Texturing Guide for Beginners

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I made the 3D Coloring Book for people like you and me, for people who are struggling with becoming the artist they know they can be.

For people with full time jobs, and for beginners who are too afraid or intimidated to even start.

The 3D Coloring Book is for people who are looking to change their lives for the better, and pursue a hobby or career in the game art world that they thought wasn’t possible.

With hundreds of free professional level assets to practice on, and new texturing tutorials being added every week, the coloring book has become a great tool to help beginners and hobbyists gain the confidence that they need to tackle their own projects, and to give people like you and me the skills that we need to take our texturing to the next level.

This week in the 3D Coloring Book Workshop, I’m going to share with you how to easily approach texturing your armored characters in Substance Painter, with only a few simple layers.

Now this is only a small section of the tutorial, and The full tutorial is available in the 3D Coloring Book Workshop, and on Patreon, so pick whatever platform you’re more comfortable with.

The next stage of your life starts today.

Lets get started.

Want to learn from the pros?

Come join our community!

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