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Stylized Stations Cursed! Challenge Winners

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BOO! For the first challenge, Stylized Station’s World of Artcraft community was tasked with putting a spooky twist to their art.  

Hey guys! I am absolutely blown away by the amount of work and talent that went into this week’s Cursed! Challenge. We had a ton of amazing renders, making this contest SO difficult to decide a winner. Take a look below to see who won!

The Arena Champion:

Congrats to Leslie for her amazing Spooky Bard render!

You can check out more of Leslie’s work on Instagram and Artstation


Leslie’s Spooky Bard stood out over all the rest due to her masterful use of composition and lighting. The unique camera angle, along with the extra effort put into the shot took her piece to the next level. Plus look how cute those meeps are!

Runner-ups #1: Teragor

Runner up #2: Reiner

Check out the rest of the honorable mentions:

Thank you so much to all the amazing people of the Stylized Station Community who took part in our first official contest! 
Interested in joining the community and winning a competition for yourself? Check out the link below to join. 

Want to learn from the pros?

Come join our community!

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