The ULTIMATE Guide for Creating Grass and Vegetation For Video Games

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Creating foliage, grass, plants and vegetation for video games is a topic that a lot of people struggle with.

There are a ton of workflows out there, but how to you know you’re doing it correctly? Are you working in the most optimal way possible? Not only that, but there are so many issues and concerns you may face when it comes to making vegetation, and even more questions.

How do you animate hundreds of blades of grass? How do you make both sides of the vegetation textured? How do you go about creating variation without it taking hours?

Fortunately, Stylized Station has your back with this FREE guide.

Dan Sonley was kind enough to stop by Stylized Station and give a masterclass on how he approaches his workflow as well as a TON of tips and tricks you can use to create plants, vegetation, grass and other foliage for all of your real-time needs.

This 2 hour guide is going to cover everything you need to know, from modeling & sculpting to procedural generation & animation.

This information and guide can be utilized in any software, but here are the specific software Dan will cover:




-Substance Painter

-Unreal Engine

If you want to check out more of Dan’s work, feel free to swing by his Artstation

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