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The ULTIMATE Guide for Creating Handpainted 3D Models

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Creating Characters while following a handpainted texture process can be an intimidating process for anyone looking to learn.

There are only a few videos out there explaining the workflow, but each video seems to have a slightly different process.

Michael Frent has been kind enough to stop by Stylized Station to share an incredibly in-depth breakdown of his full workflow when creating stylized handpainted characters.

This breakdown/tutorial will act as a reference for all of your handpainting endeavors in the future, and breaks down each step in the process into easy to understand details.

Michael’s goal was to create a breakdown that made handpainting easy to understand and make the character creation process seem less intimidating.

Michael is going to cover EVERYTHING you need to know, including References, blocking out, modeling, sculpting, texturing and presentation.

Software Used: zBrush, Photoshop, 3D Coat, TopoGun, Maya

Feel free to check out Michael’s work on Artstation 

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