Sylvanas’ Flagship by Shem Dawson

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For the 8.1.5 content patch I also got to make Death’s Advance, the new Flagship for the Dark Lady herself. This was a lot of fun, especially because we wanted to evolve the look of the Forsaken culture to have a bit more of a serious metal vibe, but still keep the core of the kit itself. I really wanted to bring in a strong pirate galleon influence but also keep the game-play spaces akin to what players expect in WoW.

I was responsible for Concept/design, modeling, UVing, texture painting, lighting and set dressing.

This is also featured in the below in-game cinematic.

Prop Art:

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Shem Dawson on ArtStation

Derek and Jaina Proudmoore Reunion Cinematic (Patch 8.1.5)

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