3D Artist's Coloring Book

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This is a DONATION-BASED book, please feel free to pay whatever you feel the book is worth.

All Donators will receive the full version of the book for FREE when it is released, no matter how much or how little they contributed.

Note: This version of the 3D Coloring Book is in BETA, and will have more assets and chapters added to it daily as time progresses.

What is the 3D Artist’s Coloring Book?

The 3D Artist’s Coloring Book is a project aimed at creating a library of assets that beginner to intermediate artists can use to practice and sharpen their texturing skills in Substance Painter, or any other texturing software.

Not everyone can create professional-level assets to practice their texturing skills.

This is why I’ve created a book containing tons of ready to texture, high quality assets that even a complete beginner can begin practicing with.

How does it work?

Simply open the Substance painter file, and start texturing! No need to worry about creating the high poly, topology, sculpting and baking. It’s already done for you.

Each page contains:

  • Pre-prepared Substance Painter file, so you can start coloring right away.
  • Raw object file, so you can practice texturing in any software.
  • All texture maps
  • Sample Renders of each asset, to give you inspiration and direction.
  • Built-in interactive reference. Zoom in, look around and inspect every inch of the asset to your heart’s desire.


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