Trent's Box Set of Tutorials Vol. 5 (2019) By Trent Kaniuga

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INCLUDES the Advanced Stylized Facility Workshop!

You may download these videos but please do NOT distribute them freely.

New videos added throughout all of 2019! Buying this box set of tutorials and videos gets you access to EVERY video that I will produce in 2019. If you buy before the end of the year, you will get an introductory discounted price, as this collection will reach over 100 hours of content before the end of the year and I have planned the best tutorial workshops I’ve ever made.

ALSO INCLUDES 2019 Photoshop Brushes and updated Sketchbook Pro brush packs.

This Box set will collect every video I produce throughout 2019 and contains extended, unedited 1-3 hour versions of several videos unavailable anywhere else so that you can dissect every technique that I use to get the style and results that you see in my artwork on youtube and in the AAA games that I’ve worked on.

I’ve also tried to include exclusives, deleted or alternate commentaries, tips for pursuing art as a career, and bonus wallpapers that won’t be found anywhere else.


-Trent’s 2019 photoshop brushes + gradients

-Trent’s Sketchbook Pro brushes

-Advanced Stylized Facility concept design Workshop (1-7)

-2019 photoshop brushes video walkthrough

– Painting with Gradient Maps tutorial + Orchid and the World Eater time-lapse + style tips.

– Orchid and the World Eater part 1 -2 hour video

– Orchid and the World Eater part 2 – 2 hour video

– How to punch up your vignette sketch iterations!

– Rat Pirate 1 hour real time sketch

– Master Klu and Kozomo 2 hour video

– Gabranth character illustration 1 hour video.

– From Hollywood to Indie Comics – interview with Jason Brubaker

– Umu and Doken 2 hour video

– Finish your projects! Tips for getting stuff done.

– Trent Tales – The disappearing Man

– Javelin Run – Indie game design process

– World of Twilight Monk preview

– Older Mao wallpaper long video

– Character Designer vs Concept artist- whats the diff?

– Blender 3d graybox tutorial + 20 grayboxes

– Saving money IS CREATIVE FREEDOM – 10 tips for saving cash.

– Are you ready to go pro as a concept artist?

– Upgrade your design sketches – Acorn Village concept design challenge

– Acorn Village concept design challenge PAINTOVER video (30 min)

-ikeda_facility32 (2HOURS)

-Twilight Monk “Perspective” artwork 2.5 hour video

-Freelancing vs Game studio job – Which is right for you?

-Use your Delusion – The power of perspective.

– Drawing characters is easy! – Posing characters from stick figures + how to study anatomy

-Drawing Characters is easy episode 2 – dynamic poses

– More Scrap hunters 2 2Hours

– How Trent designs Mechs, Tanks, and Spaceships – Tips for mechanical design

-Do art prints sell?

-Brush contrast and natural textures in your paintings

-Just drawing some mechs

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