Unreal Engine Interior Scene Project - Plus Videos By 3dex




You get:

_Unreal Engine 4 project with all corresponding files.

_Over 10 hours of Modeling and Texturingvideos at real time speed. Download or Stream the videos.

_Access to all the models(in .fbx format) plus all textures(in .tga format) used in this scene.

_Lighting video Tutorial with step by step narrated instructions on how to light this scene with Unreal Engine plus general lighting tips.

_A step by step narrated video tutorial on How to create a Stylized Smart Material within Substance Painter to aid you in the texturing process.

(Project was made with UE4 version 4.19.1 and can be opened on that version and later versions)

License: Commercial use of these files is permitted but cannot be included in a asset pack or sold at any sort of asset/resource marketplace


Detailed Table of Contents:

_Interior Scene Project ( UE4 Project)

_001_Introduction (Text File)

_002_Beakers Full Video (0:50:00)

_003_Hanging Bed Full Video (1:05:00)

_004_Curtain Full Video (0:26:00)

_005_Stylized Dresser Part 1 (1:22:00)

_006_Stylized Dresser Part 2 (0:56:00)

_007_Spring Horse Full Video (1:30:00)

_008_Lab Machine Full Video (1:20:00)

_009_Power Machine Full Video (1:10:00)

_0010_Radiator Full Video (0:30:00)

_0011_Lab Device Full Video (1:10:00)

_0012_Table Full Video (1:40:00)

_0013_Tile-able Wood Full Video (0:17:00)

_0014_Walls and Door Full Video (1:15:00)

_0015_Substance Designer Wall Textures(0:20:00)

_0016_Wall Material Full Video (0:15:00)

_0017_Wall Decal Writing (0:20:00)

_0018_Cardboard Box Full Video (0:20:00)

_0019_Lighting Scene in Unreal – Tutorial (0:25:00)

_0020_How to Make a Stylized Material (0:20:00)


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