Cinema 4D Tutorial – Creating Stylized Sketch Animations Using the Cinema 4D Art Shader

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In this tutorial the artist goes beyond Cinema 4D’s Cel Shader & shows us hwo to create some stylized, almost handcrafted looks using another shader in Sketch & Toon called the Art Shader. The Art Shader is really easy to use and allows you to apply interesting texture to your models. First they’ll break down a workflow to create textures in Photoshop for use with the Art Shader, then go over how you can use the Colorizer to apply different shades of color to your Art Shader. Then, he’ll show you how to create more organic looking Sketch & Toon outlines using different options in the Sketch Materials. Finally, he’ll go over how you can apply what 2D animators call a “boiling” type of animated distortion to your models.

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