Can you Create an Entire Environment Using ONLY Zbrush?

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Environment creation is something not often talked about in ZBrush, but with such a versatile and complex software, is creating an entire environment using Zbrush possible?

Even if it is, what is the workflow like? What are the steps needed to take to achieve decent results? How do you properly texture multiple assets?

Lucas stops by Stylized Station to share how he approaches sculpting and texturing his environments in ZBrush, with a ton of cool tips and tricks for beginner & intermediate artists.

From sculpting water, to organics, to hard surface assets, you’re going to learn the workflow for EVERYTHING in this content-packed 10 minute breakdown.

Be sure to check out more of Lucas’ work on Artstation and Instagram.

Creator of the Styled materials used in this video: Abimael Gonzales.

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