How To Easily Create Handpainted Models in Blender & Substance Painter

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Creating stylized and handpainted models using the Blender and Substance Painter workflow is one of the most highly requested tutorials we get here on Stylized Station.

With a flexible program like Blender, and with handpainting in Substance Painter only beginning to take hold, who actually knows a decent workflow to combine two of these amazing softwares?

Fortunately, Maxence was kind enough to stop by Stylized Station to share the workflow that he used to create his fantastic handpainted project.

While the texturing is done in Substance Painter, the techniques Maxence demonstrates can easily be translated to Blender, so you can use this workflow using 100% free software.

Pretty amazing right? There are a lot of cool tips and tricks packed into this tutorial, so be sure to bookmark this one and use it as a reference for the future.

Check out the rest of Maxence’s work on Artstation And Twitter.

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