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Mastering the Overwatch Game Art Style [FREE DOWNLOAD]

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This FREE download will help you level up your Overwatch Game Art skills, and help you nail the art style. 

A lot of people are always asking me about replicating the unique art style of Overwatch. Today I came across a great resource that breaks down some of the processes of creating the stylized Overwatch Game Art style. 

Alexander has provided us with 5 super useful samples from his Overwatch Material Study to reference. 

I highly recommend giving these a download and checking them out in Substance Designer, you will learn a ton about his process. Grab it in his store here:… 

Once you have the file downloaded, free to hop into Substance designer and begin learning everything Alex has done to replicate the Overwatch Art Style. 

If you want to practice on your models, you can even take these materials and mess around with them on your own models!

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